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 Diamond Fab Trend Private Limited

 “The Wool People”

Spinning since 1969

Diamond Woolens Mills established back in 1969 with a worsted spinning unit was among the first six leading spinning units in India started by Sri Banwari Lal Mehra out of the entrepreneurial spirit and than further continued by Mr. Vinod Mehra and than taken over by their righteous heirs  Mr. Vibhu Mehra and Mr. Sumit Mehra in the year 1990.

Under the dominion of its current legatee, Diamond Fabtrends Private Limited has seen a great success with their advanced and differential approach. The company started exports of fabrics to European and American customers. Mr. Vibhu was bestowed with an award by the Ministry of Commerce in 2008 for the ‘youngest entrepreneur of the year’. In the year 2016, the company has forged into retail distribution of fabrics and development of high fashion fabrics. Later in 2017, it has seen a tie-up with an Italian Design House to create fabrics as per International Trends. ‘ Also not forget to mention that Diamond Fabtrends Pvt Ltd is a star export house ‘ status holder with Director General of Foreign Trade.

From modest beginnings in 1969 as a spinning and weaving mill, Diamond Fabtrends has evolved with the times to occupy a leadership position today. Even as the organization continues to grow from strength to strength, Diamond Woollen Mills continues to be guided by an unwavering commitment to be of value to everyone: stakeholders, customers, employees and society at large.

“Customers will never love the company until the employees love it first”

Our Team

Our biggest goal is to create and distribute quality fashion fabrics per international trends in India and overseas markets.The company believes in sustainable, eco-friendly, quality products maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical working. We create a positive domino effect in the business world of truth, mastery, and connection that increases prosperity and fulfillment for all. To catalyze and transform the growth through passion, fun, and integrity, we seek to change the business world by daring to ignite the mind, inspire the spirit and penetrate the heart during business hours, every single day.

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